Das Studium startet mit dem Wintersemester 2020/21. Die Antragsfrist startet am 13. Juli 2020. This site is currently under construction. All information is preliminary and subject to change until further notice.

How to apply

Here you can find all necessary information regarding your admission to our master's programme. 

Please follow the steps below, that will help you to navigate through the admission process. Please note that the Admission Office at the University of Vienna is in charge of all procedural matters, including approval of documents and previous degrees. All applications must be submitted via u:space


For more information please visit the admissions office.


Teaching Affairs and Study Services

The service unit Teaching Affairs and Study Services supports potential students with general questions about degree programmes, admission and tuition fee. It also helps students, lecturers and staff of the University of Vienna in the organisation, administration and implementation of studies and teaching.

SSS - StudiesServceUnit 

The StudiesServiceUnit is the central point of contact for all administrative study matters. 

1. Enrollment

If you are interested in studying a master's programme at the University of Vienna you first have to register via u:space.

You can find information on how to register on the following websites:

Please apply for admission to a Master programme via u:space in due time.

2. Admission requirements

Admission to a master's programme requires the completion of a bachelor's degree (or diploma degree) in the same or a related discipine. In any case, people that earned the following bachelor's degree of the University of Vienna are eligible for the respective master's programme:

All bachelor's degree programmes offered by 

  • the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies,
  • and the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies.

In addition 15 ECTS credits are required for basic skills in the field of Digital Humanities or the application and practical implementation of digital research approaches in the field of cultural sciences, as well as skills in the use of digital tools, research approaches and infrastructures and critical reflection on their application. 

Furthermore, the prerequisite is also given if, to the extent of 15 ECTSbasic information technology skills as well as the knowledge of IT thinking and approaches (e.g. formulation of simple algorithms, development of small programs, designing web applications and mobile apps) are given. In any case, these requirements are met if the EC Digital Humanities or the EC Computational Thinking at the University of Vienna has been successfully completed.

3. Language proficiency

Applicants are required to prove their proficiency in English and German on the level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

A list of certificates that will be accepted as proof of English Language competence can be found here.

Information on proof of German Language proficiency can be found here.