PhD's Theses

Ongoing PhDs

  • Lena BAUER: Mining High-Dimensional Data with Applications in Medicine (supervised by Claudia Plant und Philipp Grohs)
  • Xandro BAYER: Machine Learning meets Financial Econometrics (supervised by Nikolaus Hautsch)
  • Aleksandar DOKNIC: Explainable models: Visual parameter space analysis in neural networks (supervised by Torsten Möller and Claudia Plant)
  • Leon GERARD: Solving the electronic Schrödinger equation using Deep Neural Networks (supervised by Philipp Grohs)
  • Guojun LAI: Efficient Data Analysis and Processing on Morden Hardware (supervised by Claudia Plant)
  • Timothée SCHMUDEInterpretability and Explainability as Drivers to Democracy (supervised by Sebastian Tschiatschek and Torsten Möller)

Former PhDs

Former Post-Docs:

  • Pavol HARÁR

Master's Theses

Business Analytics

Data Science

Digital Humanities

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