Knowledge Exchange

A distinguishing feature of academic data science is its connection to problems faced in the real world. As such, the Research Network is very interested in collaborating with real-world data practitioners. We are interested in working with partners both industrial, academic or anything in-between (as demonstrated by our many previous partnerships below) and over a wide range of topics from highly theoretical to very applied (just browse through our members' expertise).

 How can you get involved?

If you would like to work with us on one of these (or anything else), please get in touch with us!

Masters Projects

Are you a company with a small, self-contained project you'd like to collaborate on?

In the third term of each of our Masters programmes, students work on a substantial project of data analysis or data science. This is situated before the Masters thesis (but is often a bridge towards that larger project). This is a great opportunity to test a collaboration on a project closely supervised by experts in data science.

Collaborative Research Projects

Do you have a larger project suitable for a longer-term collaboration?

We're also interested in larger projects. We're well-acquainted with third-party funding acquisition and if the scale of the project requires it, we can work together to get the necessary resources to carry it out.

Contact our Scientific Coordinator:

Digital ilab

Are you an entrepreneurial student, looking to build something new using your data science knowledge?

Together with Research Services, we host the digital ilab: a program of the University of Vienna that brings students and researchers from different disciplines to work together on entrepreneurial ideas.

 Previous Collaborations

  • Adamah Biohof
  • AIT
  • Biomin
  • Czech Academy of Sciences
  • DWH GmbH
  • Industrie-Logistik-Linz
  • International Narcotics Control Board
  • MA48 - Müllentsorgung der Stadt Wien
  • MedAustron
  • National Institute of Mental Health of the Czech Republic
  • Nymea
  • RISC Software GmbH
  • Salzburg Research
  • Syngroup
  • VOEST Alpine Stahl
  • Wiener Linien
  • ZAMG