Master Studies

Business Analytics | Data Science | Digital Humanities

The digital transformation of our society changes businesses, the government, the sciences as well as our daily personal lives. Very few places in the world are able to engage on all of these fronts. The University of Vienna provides the breadth and the excellence to tackle these aspects – in research and teaching – in all three areas. Hence, we are offering three Masters programmes, one in Business Analytics, one in Data Science, and one in Digital Humanities. While this breadth is unique, we designed all three programmes to allow interaction and collaboration between students and researchers in all three programmes by sharing a common curriculum for almost a full semester worth of credits.

Course material is based on the latest research findings. Students learn to critically analyse and question scientific findings. This enables them to critically follow new scientific developments and to apply them for their own work.

Special emphasis is placed on project-based learning. After an instruction phase, this includes self-directed and largely self-organized learning. Projects aim at teamwork and interaction, partly in direct contact, partly computer-supported. The reflected cooperation in project teams is intended to introduce students to economic and scientific practice as well as critical discourse.

These master programmes are a joint venture of the faculties of Business, Economics and Statistics, Computer Science, Historical and Cultural Studies, Mathematics, and Philological and Cultural Studies.

Business Analytics

Data Science

Digital Humanities

All our programmes include the following contents (taught on a cross-curricular basis):

  • Doing Data Science
  • Data Ethics and Legal Issues
  • Data Science Project
  • Research Seminar
  • Master Thesis, Master Seminar and Defensio