How to apply

Here you can find all necessary information regarding your admission to our master's programme. 

Please follow the steps below, that will help you to navigate through the admission process. Please note that the Admission Office at the University of Vienna is in charge of all procedural matters, including approval of documents and previous degrees. All applications must be submitted via u:space

Application Period

Application for the Academic Year 2021/22 is over. The next application period is expected to be in March and April 2022.

For more information please visit Application for admission to a master programme with special admission requirements.


Teaching Affairs and Study Services

The service unit Teaching Affairs and Study Services supports potential students with general questions about degree programmes, admission and tuition fee. It also helps students, lecturers and staff of the University of Vienna in the organisation, administration and implementation of studies and teaching.

StudiesServiceCentre - Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics

The StudiesServiceCentre (SSC) is the central information point for students of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics. The team of the SSC takes time to advise students competently and reliably in questions concerning the organisation of their studies as well as matters related to rules and regulations for studying.

1. Enrollment

If you are interested in studying a master's programme at the University of Vienna you first have to register via u:space.

You can find information on how to register on the following websites:

Please apply for admission to a Master programme via u:space in due time.

2. Admission requirements

Admission to a master's programme requires the completion of a bachelor's degree (or diploma degree) in the same or a related discipline. In any case, people that earned the following bachelor's degree of the University of Vienna are eligible for the respective master's programme:

  • Business Administration
  • Business Informatics
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • International Business Administration
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics

If equivalence is basically given and only individual additions to the full equivalence are missing, additional courses and examinations to the extent of a maximum of 30 ECTS points can be prescribed to achieve full equivalence.

In case you have not completed your Bachelor studies at the time of application, please include a formal letter issued by your current institution confirming that you have obtained 150 ECTS and that you will receive your bachelor degree until September 30, 2021.

3. Proof of english proficiency

Applicants are required to prove their proficiency in English on the level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

A list of certificates that will be accepted, can be found here.

4. Letter of Motivation (Statement of Purpose)

Please fill out the letter of motivation below. It must be answered in english and please mind the characters limitation per question.

Letter of Motivation (Statement of Purpose) for Business Analytics



I am a non-Austrian/non-EU citizen. Do my documents need legalisation?
If I choose a minor under business analytics, do I have a chance to take a single course for example from another minor?
I would like to know about applying for this programme, is there any entrance exam?
Do you begin to evaluate applications before the application deadline?
Are there workshops available through the university where admitted students can hone their abilities prior to the beginning of the programme?
I am currently in the last semester of my Bachelor’s programme and I will complete by the end of the current semester. May I apply like if I already had a finished degree?
What are the chances to get an internship after graduation or during the study? Do you have figures about graduated students’ career path after graduation?
I am interested in PhD opportunities after Master’s. Will I be able to pursue research in depth on my specialisation areas upon the topics taught during the Master’s programme?
When are admission results published?
Do you accept a Bachelor’s degree from a country where English is the official language as proof for English proficiency?
How much is the application fee?
When is the application open for non-Europeans?
Do I have to upload legislation documents with my application before submission or is it possible to deliver them after the application deadline once I receive them from the institution?
Are there any exams or certificates that can improve the chance of being accepted such as high GMAT score?
Does a graduate of European Studies have the chance for admission?
Can I apply for Business Analytics and Data Science at the same time and if so does it increase my chances to be accepted?
How is the selection procedure carried out?
How many students will be accepted for the programme?