Sophia Abplanalp (Coordination assistant)

Sophia Abplanalp has an art history background where she focused on modern and Islamic art, as well as digital art history. Her love for the arts and digital humanities brought her to our research network. Together with the organization board of the research network she is responsible for the organization of events such as our lecture series, summer schools, among others.

Petra Schönfelder (Coordinator)

Isotype image © Gerd Arntz Web Archive

Petra Schönfelder (she/her) has broad work experience in the environment of art museums and at the University of Vienna within the areas of administration, organisation and mentoring, which brought her to our research network in 2020. She has an art history background and is focused on Contemporary Art and paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. Recently, she has been active in art education at La Biennale di Venezia.

Petra is entrusted with the public relations agenda of our Master programmes Business Analytics, Data Science and Digital Humanities. Since February 2021, she has also been employed as the senior coordinator of the research network Data Science @ Uni Vienna.