Green-TrAIn-Plan: Scientific Staff (prae doc) at the Department of Business Decisions and Analytics (f/m/d)

The Department of Business Decisions and Analytics (working group Prof. Jan Ehmke) is offering the position of a research assistent (Praedoc level) in the FFG-funded project "AI-based planning for greener train operations". This includes the offer to conduct a dissertation in this field.

We propose new AI-based methods that include interactions between data-driven optimization and agent-based simulation to explore the trade-off between green, efficient, and reliable plans. This includes the operator-based perspective, i.e. the efficient usage of rolling stock and staff through optimized plans, as well as the railway network perspective, which is addressed through detailed agent-based simulation of plans to assess efficiency and reliability of planning results in a realistic railway network environment. The green aspect focuses on analyzing and predicting the energy consumption of the rolling stock under realistic conditions with AI-based methods extending existing approaches such as simheuristics.

Application period until 10 April 2022.