Lecture series 2018/19: "What is Data Science?"

The purpose of our lecture series is to bring international scholars to the University of Vienna to give their perspective on the challenges and opportunities that data science presents to us. These international speakers will be complemented by local perspectives from the University of Vienna on how Data Science is being done here. The first year of our lecture series (2018/19) carries the theme of "What is Data Science?".

 Past Lectures

The lecture series is finished for the semester, but we will continue in the winter semester 2019/20. In the meantime feel welcome to visit our Data Science Talks or (re)watch our lectures on video

David Donoho, Stanford University: 
"Data Science: The End of Theory?" 

Andrew Gelman, Columbia University:
"Bayesian Workflow"

Elaine Chew, Queen Mary University: 
The (Data) Science of Time: From Music to the Heart"

Gudrun Gersmann, University of Cologne and Hubertus Kohle, LMU Munich:
"Big Data and the French Revolution - New approach to an old topic"



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The aim of all talks is to reach a wide audience in all sciences and industry, from bachelor students to accomplished scholars and industrial practitioners, from humanities to the natural sciences and business and government.

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