Lecture series "What is Data Science?"

COVID-19: Due to the current situation, we are forced to cancel all our events, including the Lecture Series, as well as the DS Talks. Until further notice no events will take place. Thank you for your understanding.

Your Data Science - Team


The purpose of our lecture series is to bring international scholars to the University of Vienna to give their perspective on the challenges and opportunities that data science presents to us. These international speakers will be complemented by local perspectives from the University of Vienna on how Data Science is being done here. 

 Upcoming Lectures

30.03.2020 16:30

David W. Hogg, Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics, New York University

29.05.2020 16:30

Anastasia Ailamaki, Data-Intensive Applications & Systems Lab, EPFL Lausanne

More info coming soon.

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All talks aim to reach a wide audience in all sciences and industries, from bachelor students to accomplished scholars and industrial practitioners, from humanities to the natural sciences and business and government.

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