Why might we need better tools to understand environmental data? From groundwater contaminants to nanoparticle analysis


DSUniVie Talk by Thilo Hofmann (Department of Environmental Geosciences, Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science)

Thilo Hofmann's talk will address environmental problems concerning natural (NPs), engineered (ENPs), microplastic (nano)particles (NMPs) and groundwater pollutants, and why modern tools from the data science can help to understand mechanisms and predict their fate. The production and use of industrial, agricultural and consumer products leads to their release into the environment, besides many others, also engineered nanoparticles and microplastic (nano)particles. Concerns arise over the possibility that ENPs and NMPs might pose a threat to the environment including drinking water supplies and food. Investigations of ENPs and NMPs are hampered by the absence of suitable analytical methods that are capable of detecting and quantifying them in complex matrices and at very low concentrations. Even though many concepts have been developed in nanogeosciences for the fate of natural particles, they are sometimes overlooked for ENPs and NMPs. This talk will address specific aspects concerning the detection and prediction of nanoparticle fate, including natural, engineered and microplastic (nano)particles and other emerging contaminants of concern. It will try to bridge to the data sciences and the need for tools to better understand environmental systems.


Where and when?

5 November 2021 @ 12:00 CET




Meeting-ID: 942 9212 0386
Passcode: DStalks21