Katja Bühler: The Visual Side of Data Science

13.05.2022 12:00

Katja Bühler, VRVis Centre for Virtual Reality and Visualisation Research, will give a talk within our DS Talk Series!

Visual Computing aims at making data easily accessible, graspable and explorable to accelerate understanding and actionable insight. In her talk, Katja Bühler will take you on a vibrant journey to discover actual VRVis projects supporting the understanding of complex phenomena from tiny brains and human bodies, through rushing rivers, up to the mars.

13 May 2022 @ 12:00 CEST




Seminarraum 15, OG01, Kolingasse 14–16, 1090 Vienna 



Meeting-ID: 894 6640 2621
Kenncode: dsTalks&22