Exploring possibilities for dealing with survey data: data science and political science in partnership?


Talk by Sylvia Kritzinger, Department of Government


Political science research on public opinion and voting behaviour focuses on the emergence and development of political attitudes and political behaviours. We thereby analyse both long-term factors such as individual (psychological) predispositions and short-term implications stemming from the private environment of voters, the media landscape as well as the party communication per se. To conduct this analysis, data is collected via representative citizen surveys. Both the data collection and the subsequent statistical modelling of the data are strongly theory-driven. For our research, we can in the meantime rely on a large number of (panel) data sets, where a large number of variables per individual is available. However, for each of our analyses we normally use very few of those variables. In the presentation, I will first outline our research interests by presenting some examples. Second, I will present the various data sets and their characteristics (including linkage options). By doing so, overlaps with research interests of the data sciences should (hopefully) materialize.


Where and when?

05.03.2021, 14:00


Zoom Meeting-ID: 954 8495 6002

Password: dsunivie21